Krzysztof Żuk







Krzysztof Żuk

Przykłady reklam stworzonych na potrzeby magazynu


Reklamy stworzone dla klientów za pomocą Adobe Photoshop (szparowanie zdjęć) , Adobe Illustrator (krzywe) oraz Adobe Indesign (postprodukcja).

Krzysztof Żuk

I was born in Warsaw, Poland. At first I work as a handheld serwisant and study informatics at the same time. After that I work as a 3D Graphic and DTP operator. At the moment I work in my house where I  Develop mobile games for Android, IOS and Windows Phone devices. I also learning and creating 3D Graphic and Animations for my portfolio.


I know how to make a basic interior and exterior visualizations.(3D Studio Max + Vray, Blender, Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop).

I know how to create simple 2D/3D games and apps (Unity 3D).

I know how to create simple motion graphics (Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Adobe Premiere).

I know how to create and edit audio and music (Ableton Live, Auda City).

I know how to design and prepare materials for leaflets business cards, folders brochures, posters;

I know how to edit and compose video materials (Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere).



Good Knowledge: Unity 3D, Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Ableton Live.


Basic Knowledge: Substance Designer, Adobe Premiere, Auto Cad.


3D Graphic / Game Designer:

Cinema 4D

3D Studio Max


- Polygonal Modeling

- Nurbs Modeling

- Spline Modeling

- Modifiers

- V-Ray Renders


- Polygonal Modeling

- Nurbs Modeling

- Spline Modeling

- Modifiers


- Polygonal Modeling

- Nurbs Modeling

- Spline Modeling

- Modifiers



Unity 3D

Substance Designer

Adobe Photoshop

Video Editor / Animation Specialist:

- 2D & 3D Games Creating

- 3D Visualisation Creating

- 3D Walktrough Creating


- Post Production for 3D Visualization

- 2D character paint for games

- Texture creating


- Texture Design

Adobe Premiere

 Adobe After Effects

Adobe Audition

- Video Compositing

- Video Edit & Creation

- Color Correction





- Motion Graphics

- Simple VFX Effects

- 2D animations for games

- Infographic Animations

- Post-production for 3D animations

- Audio Edit

- Noise Reduction

- Audio Effects


Cinema 4D

Ableton Live


DTP Operator:

- Motion Graphics Design




-  Audio Edit


- Sounds and Music Design

- Audio Effects

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

- Vector graphic creation


- Photo Editing

- Graphic Design


- Designing and preparing stuff for print (leaflets,

business cards, folders, brochures, posters);

- Advertising design

- Magazine/book design


“ 3D Graphic and Animation are my hobby ”

Contact Information


Krzysztof Żuk

Warszawa - Wola

Street: It's my secret :D



Krzysztof Żuk